About Us

FileConverto is an online SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) that was born in the late 2017 as a personal project to convert a few multimedia files to other formats. One year later it started to offer more and more multimedia file conversion options and today has become a very popular suite of video, audio, image and PDF converters. FileConverto has processed until to today more than 50 million multimedia files and its services are proudly utilized by thousands of Internet users every day.

All tools and services offered by FileConverto are completely free to use by anyone, at home and at work. All the tools are easy to use, generally you just need to select the file and click the upload button. As of today, when you upload a file we do not show the upload progress, however you can use Google Chrome that has a built-in upload progress. Once you upload a file on our tools, just leave the browser window open and wait until the file has been converted, it can take some time if the submitted file is big.

FileConverto makes use of some open source tools like FFmpeg, PDFtk, ImageMagick, Nginx, Let's Encrypt, Bootstrap and many more. All files uploaded on our services are automatically removed from our servers after a few hours. Don't ask us to recover your files because we can't, once a file has been removed from our servers it can't be recovered.

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